Friday, March 17, 2006

Last day in Nanning

Yesterday morning there were no appointments to make so we had a relaxing time of visiting with our kids using Skype on the computer. The audio wasn't great, but the video was very clear, and it was great to see them.

For lunch we ate at the Cantonese restaurant inside the hotel, and it was very good, and inexpensive of course, like just about everything here.

At 2:30 we headed to the airport to leave for Beijing. We had our last look at Rachel's home province of Guangxi as we drove. It was the warmest day we have had so far, and it was hot and humid inside the airport. We boarded the plane, joking about all the other people on the plane who hadn't bargained on sharing their flight with a bunch of babies.

Rachel did great on her first airplane ride. She slept most of the way and didn't cry at all. One other poor little baby screamed in pain for the whole ride. It seemed like either her ears or her sinuses were bothering her from the air pressure. We were so thankful that Rachel didn't seem to be bothered by it, and that the sound and motion of the plane seemed to make her sleepy. It makes us hopeful for the long flight home!

When we arrived at the airport and gathered our luggage, we trooped through the crowds and wildly zooming taxis and got on our bus. (I wonder how many times in this account of our trip that I have said "we got on the bus". I'm sure that Rachel thinks this is what her new life is all about. Unfortunately the Doodlebops "Get on the Bus" song goes through my head everytime too, as much as I am creeped out by those weird creatures.)

With all the sleeping that Rachel did on the plane, we were afraid that she would be a long time getting to sleep, but as soon as we got in our hotel room and gave her a bottle, she went right off to sleep like a little angel. Jamie and I went right to sleep too, not like angels, but like the exhausted parents/travellers that we were.

It's nice being back in Beijing at the Days' Inn. I liked Nanning and the Majestic Hotel, but this somehow feels a little closer to home. (Also there is a Starbucks somewhere around here which we intend on finding today.)

Harrison, Quentin and Julia, we sure loved seeing you on the computer yesterday. It was so great to see your faces and to talk to you. I hope you boys will have a wonderful weekend again with Patrick and Hunter, and be good for Aunt Angela and Uncle Scott.

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Krista Dolan said...

I went on a "mad starbuck" seach when we were there in October! (ask Carrie! I had her walking half way around Beijing!)
I finally found it around the corner from the Silk Market. I couldn't find one in walking distance to the hotel. I hope you have better luck.
Krista (sipping my starbucks' vanilla latte extra foam while reading your blog!)LOL