Sunday, March 12, 2006

We're in Nanning

We are having a great time and enjoying every minute so far of this awesome experience. This morning we had a great buffet breakfast at the hotel. We then toured a silk factory and saw how silk is spun from cocoons. We bought some silk dresses for the girls, and were tempted by many of the beautiful scarves, quilts, and clothes there. Some of the workers put on a fashion show for us. Then we boarded the bus again and left for the airport. I slept most of the way, more than I was able to do on the whole flight to Beijing. When we arrived in Nanning it was much warmer than Beijing and very humid. Our ride from the airport to the hotel was fascinating. It is a whole different world here, with so much to see.

We arrived at the hotel and unpacked and settled in (and took pictures of the little crib that is all set up for us), then went out for another delicious and inexpensive supper. We walked around a bit, then came back inside to crash. Hopefully we'll get some good rest tonight (despite the rock-hard beds) so that we will be wide awake to meet Rachel tomorrow at 3:30.

Stay tuned for pictures of the star of this show, coming very soon!!


Krista Dolan said...

Hi Angela!!
We are following you blogs!! Keep posting! I can't wait till you have your new little angel.

Krista Dolan

angela mcdonald said...

Hi Guys,

I guess it's already Monday so we should be seeing some news late tonight on Rachel. Can't wait to hear about and see your reaction to your new little girl. I can't believe how excited I am and it's not even mine. Kathleen is beside me and says hi. She laughed and says can't wait to babysit. - ha.

Love to you both,
Angela and Kathleen (the others send love too - ha)

Carrie & Family said...

Oh I can't wait!! I am stuck to your blog.

All the best tomorrow (or later today for China time).

I will check back soon.


Laura said...

Hi sis! We can't wait to hear how GOTCHA day went and see pictures!
Everything is going well here. Julia pretended to be baby Rachel today while Maddie was pretending to be her little sister!