Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello from Florida

We've been spending the week in Orlando while the boys are on March break. We came for my cousin's wedding and stayed on for a vacation. We've been having a great time, though it has been far from relaxing. Our flight down was a nightmare, and Rachel was sick for several days. She is much better now, though, and has been enjoying herself. So far we have been to Universal, Magic Kingdom, and SeaWorld. Doing it with four kids is a little crazy, but we haven't lost any of them yet! (except for Julia for a few minutes) Here are some pictures from the last few days.
1. Weddings are hard work!
2. Julia finds her Prince Charming at the ball
3. Q in action
4. Hanging out in the pool
5. The girls at Seuss Landing at Universal
6. Seuss Landing
7. Hey, you're cute!
8. Rachel thinks he needs a hug. (He thought otherwise.)
9. Played out in the stroller
10. Eating out

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Anonymous said...

They sure start young with the boys don't they. Can't wait to see more.

- Angela