Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moms for Modesty

I just wanted to pass along this link that I thought was interesting, Moms for Modesty. I get so discouraged and heartsick sometimes when trying to buy clothes for my daughters. I simply can't believe the amount of trashy-looking clothes in stores intended for little girls. It's fairly easy to find cute stuff for Rachel right now, but once they get out of the toddler sizes, it's awful. My little Julia is only four years old, yet apparently manufacturers think she should be dressing like a miniature Britney Spears. It doesn't help that the choices are fairly limited here where we live. Thank goodness for ebay!


Krista said...

You and I are on the same track!!
Just wait till the girls are 8 and is just awful! I refuse to let my daughters wear clothing that makes them look like little street walkers.
There is no selection here at all.
I bought all their summer clothes in the states this year at Burlington Coat factory and Target. I actually got some beautiful shirts and skirts and dresses that are age appropriate, but isn't nerdy looking.
(and it was soo cheap!!)

Jamie and Angela said...

Yes, Burlington Coat Factory! I love that place. When we lived in Maryland there was one just down the street. Now I go to the one in Bangor whenever I can. I love Target too!

Tami said...

There is a Burlington Coat Factory here in Portland, too. If you want me to pick them up some stuff and bring it up, I can. I don't have to pay duty b/c we are always here long enough.