Friday, July 06, 2007

A while back Krista tagged me for this meme. My first time being tagged, so exciting!

4 Facts About Me:
1. I'm very shy, but am always trying to overcome it.
2. I've never been interested in "fitting in" and like being a little bit different sometimes.
3. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up - I have an education degree but don't really want to go back to teaching.
4. I love planning parties.

4 Things I Have Discovered About Myself:

1. I have less patience than I used to think that I had.
2. I have more strength than I knew.
3. Having kids has made me braver and less self-conscious.
4. Thinking about getting older doesn't bother me.

4 Things I Want to Do

1. Get organized - never going to happen
2. Go on a cruise
3. Go on a long road trip with no particular destination, all by myself
4. Learn to sew

4 Habits/Obsessions

1. I do this weird thing with grouping together letters in my head, too complicated and strange to explain.
2. I waste way too much time on the internet.
3. I love that old TV show "Beauty and the Beast" and belong to the fan club.
4. I used to be a big-time trekker (not trekkie, we don't like that term).


kris said...

That wasting time on the internet is what landed me on your blog at 1:13 AM!! Now to peruse it some...:O)

Krista said...

Your a trekker!!! I would of NEVER of guessed in a million years!
That one surprised me! LOL
I think you should organize parties, your fantastic at them!