Friday, February 29, 2008

Teddy bear tea party

Instead of doing a real post of my own, I would like to direct you to Ladybug Journals to see a slideshow of the birthday party Rachel and I went to today. It was Isabelle's 2nd birthday, and she invited all her playgroup friends to celebrate with her.

All morning as I watched the six little girls playing, I was struck by how beautiful and amazing they all are, and what lucky mommies we are. Rachel looked around and said "My friends", and it just melted my heart. Though they don't fully realize it yet, they are so very blessed to have each other. They share the same heritage, and the same story that is both heart-breaking and joyous. As they grow they will have this group of friends that can understand like no one else can, and I think this is a very great gift for them all.


geminirn said...

Oh Angela I agree with you 100%,they are truly blessed to have one another...and also for the Mommies they have!!!

geminirn said...

By the way,don't know if you seen yesterday's post or not so we just wanted to THANK YOU so very much for all the lovely meant alot!!

Dianne and Joe

rudie said...

Thanks so much for that great post! It is so true! We all have been blessed!!
I haven't commented on your blog before, but have been a luker for awhile!

Take care
Sheila B