Saturday, January 03, 2009

Halloween party skit

Here is a skit that we did at the party, "The Medieval Dating Game". Jamie's brother Scott was the "bachelor", and didn't know he was going to star in the skit until he heard his name called. The intro at the beginning was cut off, so I'll just post it here:

Host - Hello everyone, welcome to the Medieval Dating Game, where three lovely wenches will compete for the affection of one lucky peasant.

Let's get started right away. Bring out our three bachelorettes! First we have Ursula, a beautiful young maiden who just ran away from the nunnery. Her hobbies include weaving, brewing and tending poultry. Next we have Durilda, a robust wench who enjoys ploughing, chopping wood, hay-making and needlepoint. Finally we have Emeloth, who unfortunately has a touch of leprosy, but still has most of her limbs and five of her teeth! (Emeloth - Oops, make that four!)

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