Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Promising young filmmaker

We had an exciting weekend at the Silver Wave film festival this year. Harrison had some of his films shown at the youth screening, along with a movie that the boys did with their film camp this summer. Also the boys acted in a film called "The Editor", which won the Viewer's Choice award. Harrison was given a surprise award for "Emerging Young Filmmaker", which was a great honour- we were so proud of him!

Halloween 2010

A werewolf, a monkey, a dragon, and some other kind of unknown monster.

Gilligan's Island party

The "Skippers"
The "Mary Annes"
The "Gilligans"
The "Gingers"
The "Professors", plus some miscellaneous island people/trees
The Howells
Julia is attacked by a gorilla

Scary Halloween party

This year I decided to have a Halloween party for the boys. They each invited some friends and we had a blast decorating the house with the most gruesome things we could imagine. The boys did a "haunted treehouse", complete with a chainsaw-wielding maniac, and we had a "Fear Factor Trick-or-Treat" game that involved eating some really disgusting items.

Julia got her ears pierced this summer- she was so brave!

Here the girls are proudly displaying their "sister" necklaces, which I believe are now both lost and/or broken. Oh, well.
The dogs enjoy their romps in the woods.

Rachel in the park during a class trip.

First days of school!

This was a landmark year for our family, as Rachel started school. No more little ones at home- a big change for Mom!

Here are the oldest three on their first day. They really were happy about starting school, although this picture seems to indicate otherwise!

Rachel started the next day. She was excited to get on the bus with her big sister and brothers.

Catching up!

The ground is covered in snow today- seems like a good time to look back at our summer. We really had a wonderful summer, which began with our vacation in Ontario. Then there were days at the beach, (also a lake, a pond, and a creek), a parade, family camp, and whale watching. Can't wait for next year!