Monday, April 24, 2006

One month home!

We've now been home for a month with Rachel. It's funny that although the time has passed quickly, in some ways it seems as though she has been with us forever. She's a happy, busy girl who brings us so much joy every day. She has 8 teeth now, and is gearing up to start walking any day (yikes!) She is the squirmiest thing in the world, and manages to wriggle out of her highchair straps at every meal. Changing her diaper and getting her dressed gives us a full work-out since we have to wrestle with her the whole time. She loves music and dances when her daddy sings and plays his guitar. Sometimes she sings her own little songs in a very pretty and tuneful voice. She gives wonderful cuddles and kisses and loves to see her brothers come home from school every day to play with her.

This pic is from Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny brought Rachel some toys, books and cookies, though she was more interested in trying to eat the chocolate eggs that her brothers and sister got.

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Krista Dolan said...

Wow, 1 month already! Your right when you say "it feels like she's been with us forever!" I think in our hearts they have been with us!