Friday, June 02, 2006

1 year old this month!

Rachel will be turning a year old on June 19th. We're going to have her party on the 17th, and the theme is going to be ladybugs. I just love planning my kids' parties and the first birthday is so special. I can't wait to see her eating her cake! She hasn't had anything like that yet so I think she will really be in for a treat.

She has started to take a few steps now, very tentative but I think as soon as she gains a little confidence she will be running all over the place. She is also becoming much more cuddly and loving lately. She lays her head down on me and gives me the sweetest gentle little pats. Tonight at bedtime she did that and then reached up to give me a kiss. It was just so sweet, and I felt so loved. I had to laugh when I remembered how, before we went to get her, I was mentally preparing myself that bonding might take up to a year or more. I know that it is always an ongoing process, but at this point we all just love her so much and she certainly seems to love us too.

We just finished making a video of our adoption trip. It was a lot of fun choosing songs and pictures and putting it all together. Stay tuned for a link to see it online!

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