Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moon festival fun

We had our own little Moon festival celebration at home. The kids had their cousins over, and we ate Chinese food, made paper lanterns, made mooncakes, and looked at the moon. It was a fun time, and just the first of many Chinese holidays that we will be celebrating in the years to come.


dianne said...

Hi Angela,sounds like you guys had a great time(love the photo of the kids),would love your recipe for the mooncakes.
keep the blog going i check it at least twice a day,sometimes during this loooonnnnggg wait it is the only thing that keeps us going.

dianne Saint john
LiD Dec.19th

Jody said...

Hi Angela I've followed along on your site since you wrote to me on the Guiping site!! Your daughter is beautiful!!! I appreciate you sharing your blog with me as it's been very helpful. We are hopefully leaving Nov 17 to go get Olivia. We can't wait!!! Thanks again!!!
Jody ( Nova Scotia)