Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 Years Together

Two years ago today my sweet baby Rachel was placed in my arms. I will never forget that moment- the way it felt to finally feel her little body in my arms, and the way she looked scared and yet somehow hopeful at the same time. The whole trip to get her seems almost like a dream to me now, and indeed it was a dream come true.

Rachel has brought so much joy into our family. Even now, two years later, the other kids will sometimes say "I'm so glad we have Rachel". Her sweet, bubbly personality makes us laugh with delight every single day.

Here is a little recap of the last two years with Rachel.


LadyBug Journals said...

Wow ...time flies, doesn't it ?
She is so beautiful Angela and such a terrific personality.
I hope to see you on Friday. Another birthday party ..yippee!

Laura said...

These two past years have been such a gift. Rachel is such a special little edition to the family and we couldn't love her more!

Krista said...

Two years!! Watching Dianne's journey to Meaghan must bring back a lot of memories for you, I didn't realize that it was the same time of year also! Very neat!

Rachel is just a sweet heart!

Amy said...

Congrats on 2 years! We have a Guangxi baby too :)

Shana said...

Angela, I watched this a few weeks ago but was having problems posting my comments...

Rachel is such a beautiful, sweet baby girl! Your video is wonderful- you did a great job!!!

Big Hugs & Happy Anniversary!

Shana :)