Friday, March 13, 2009

Three years

Darling Rachel,

Three years ago we held you for the very first time, and you became our daughter. We smiled so big when we saw you, and you have made us smile every single day since. We feel so blessed to have such a smart, funny, beautiful girl who gives the best hugs in the world! We love you more than words can say.

Here's a slideshow I put together of pictures from the last year.


my3 kids said...

Happy 3 years to your family...sweet Rachel sure has been a blessing to your whole family. I can see just how much you all love her and it has been a pleasure watching you grow Rachel. Best wishes for a beautiful day:)

geminirn said...

Oh Angela that video is just beautiful,as beautiful as Miss Rachel.What a joy it has been to watch her blossom over the past three years(wow!I can't believe I just typed three years).HAPPY 3RD YEAR FOREVER FAMILY DAY SWEET RACHEL!

Anonymous said...

get babe... The plane is about to take off and I just watched the video. Love it...she is such a joy !!!

And you are such a wonderful Mom :)

Love JBP

T&V Rafuse said...

Beautiful. Happy day for all of us GuangXi Families.

Krista said...

She is the sweetest little girl!!

3 years! WOW
Happy Day!!!