Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Just Like Me"

Julia and Rachel both received American Girl "Just Like Me" dolls for Christmas. They have been having a wonderful time dressing and playing with their dolls. At night they put them in their pyjamas, brush their teeth, and put them to bed. I recently bought some clothes from an ebay seller in China. I thought it would be fun for Chinese New Year for them to dress up their dolls as well. I also bought the cutest little pink coat and hat. I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived, and I was so pleased with the price and the quality! Here is the seller's link in case anyone else is interested: Wulang55

1 comment:

geminirn said...

I love these dolls.......they are beautiful and i just can't get over all the clothes that are available for them.

It was nice seeing you guys today.